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Journal: Anthology of Essays by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts
Topic: Film Studies

Anthology of Essays by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts > 16/2010
   •  Vesna Perić: «Life and death of a porno gang» as a narrativization of the quest for the porno(dys)topia Translate!Download  )
   •  Dejan Ognjanović: Gender, sex and monstrous sexuality in the slasher cinema – «Haute tension» by Alexandre Aja Translate!Download  )
   •  Marija Šarović: Motif of vampire in cinema and cinematic adaptation of the novel – «Dracula», by Bram Stoker Translate!Download  )
   •  Saša Milić: Hitchcock: a modern subject in politial space Translate!Download  )
   •  Pavel Kuznecov: Is it posssible to create avant-gard film today? Translate!Download  )
   •  Nikola Šujica: Ecstatic thread of Monny de Bouliy in the interpretation of the painting of Leon Koen Translate!Download  )

Anthology of Essays by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts > 15/2009
   •  Ivana Kronja: Artistic strategies and formal methods in avant-garde film Translate!Download  )
   •  Dragana Kitanović: From object to abject: female voice in Coppola`s film “Conversation“ Translate!Download  )
   •  Vladimir Kolarić: Modelization of the world in “The awakening of the rats” Translate!Download  )
   •  Milena Dragićević-Šešić: Under the perpetual gaze – the construction of national identity of Montenegrian national cinematography (cinemas of Marija Perovic) Translate!Download  )
   •  Ljubomir Maširević: The beginnings of postmodern film and idealization of the past in postmodern American cinematography of 1970s Translate!Download  )

Anthology of Essays by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts > 13-14/2008
   •  Predrag Petrović: The avantgarde novel and film Translate!Download  )
   •  Zoran Maksimović: A survey of sound theories in cinema Translate!Download  )
   •  Vladimir Kolarić: The film activity of russian emigrants in Belgrade and yugoslav countries of the first part of 20th century Translate!Download  )
   •  Milanka Todić: Photography between the fact and the fiction Translate!Download  )
   •  Jurij Domanski (Jurij Domanskij): Beograd u postjugoslovenskom filmu kraja XX i početka XXI veka Translate!Download  )
   •  Natalija Njagalova (Natalija Njagolova): Genre jigsaw as means for cinema language („Life Is Beatiful“ By B. Draskovic „Assa“ by S. Solovjov) Translate!Download  )

Anthology of Essays by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts > 11-12/2007
   •  Elena Dulgheru: The new romanian cinema (Romanian cinema after 1990 and its “new wave”) Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Ivana Kronja: Towards the definition of the avant-garde cinema Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Ana Janković Piljić: Dressing over and artificial body in Blade Runner, or `feminine` in absence Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Bojan Kumović: Film WR Mysteries of the organism as a political case and product of the social circumstances at the end of the sixties Translate!Abstract   Download  )

Anthology of Essays by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts > 10/2006
   •  Nevena Daković: Washington postcard Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Ivana Kronja: Urban life styles and media representation of urban life and youth culture: the subculture of “Silicone valley” and film trilogy of Radivoje Raša Andrić Translate!Abstract   Download  )

Anthology of Essays by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts > 8-9/2004-2005
   •  Ana Daleore: Is there a star system in Serbian cinematography? Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Andrija Dimitrijević: Basic definition of “marginal” cinemas Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Borjana Vićentijević: Interpetation and artistic licence in biography movies: the character of joan of arc Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Aleksandar Janković: The Beatles and french “La nouvelle vague”: a hard days night and help Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Mladen Kalpić: Resolving oedipal complex in Robert Zemekis’s “Back to the future” trilogy Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Radenko Ranković: Towards the producer cinematography in Serbia Translate!Abstract   Download  )

Anthology of Essays by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts > 6-7/2002-2003
   •  Dejan Kosanović: Did Film Art Exist in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1918–1941)? Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Nikola Lorencin: Interview With Kazimir Karabasz Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Nikola Stojanović: The Position of the Actor in the Creative System of Akira Kurosawa Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Nevena Daković: Heart of Darkness: Representations of the Balcans in Recent World Cinema Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Aleksandar Janković: The Beatles as a Cultural Artefact: Analysis of the Film Let It Be Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Radenko Ranković: The Role of the Medium Sponsor in Serbian Cinematography Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Andrija Dimitrijević: A Bibliography of books on film and the medium of TV, published in Serbia & Montenegro form 1990 to 2002 Translate!Abstract   Download  )

Anthology of Essays by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts > 5/2001
   •  Nikola Stojanović: The Principles of Dramatic Reinterpretation Shakespeare and Kurosawa Translate!Abstract   Text   Download  )
   •  Nevena Daković: Film Adaptations of Urban Myths, 1991-2001 Translate!Abstract   Text   Download  )
   •  Petrit Imami: The Primary Importance of the Film`s Character Translate!Abstract   Text   Download  )
   •  Aleksandar Janković: Imaginary Places on Film Translate!Abstract   Text   Download  )
   •  Radenko Ranković: Multiplex Cinema: Fashion or Necessity of the Yugoslav Film Industry Translate!Abstract   Text   Download  )