Svetozar Rapajić

From an Acting Shool to a University


December 11, 1998 marked the anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in elgrade. However, the history of the education in dramatic arts in Serbia begins much earlier. During the process of national and cultural emancipation of Serbia, in the period after the liberation from the Turks, many important national institutions in the area of culture and education were founded. The National Theater was founded in 1868, and within it, in 1870, the first School of acting began to operate, founded with the support of the government. The educational programmes of this school were, even by modern standards, surprisingly competent, and maintained a proper balance between creative and technical disciplines of acting on one side, and courses related to the necessary theoretical, historical and literary backgrounds.

All subsequent models of dramatic education 1904, 1921, 1935, 1937, 1945, 1947, and 1948 were based on similar premises. The standards were gradually raised to the university level the teaching area was in time e panded to include the other media cinema, radio, television, new technologies, and other vocations besides acting directing, dramaturgy, camera, editing, sound, production, management, theory and history, but the balance between tradition and innovation, between creative training and theoretical approaches to art, between analysis and synthesis in the process of art-making and in the structure of a work of art, was always maintained in all possible nuances and variations. ombining influences of both the eastern and the western system of pedagogy in the performing arts, Faculty of Dramatic Arts rose to become the model for all similar schools in the region, and to obtain a superior place in the European system of vocational education for the professions in the theater, cinema and other media.