Divna Vuksanović

Cultures – Spaces – Memories: Essay on the Contemporary Aesthetics of Communication


The paper intends to present the problem of contemporary interactive communications strategies (Internet, television, Video-performances, SMS, etc.) which demonstrate the special concept of culture(s) and space(s) today. According to this ad hoc hypothesis, space becomes the “original” VR (virtual reality) phenomenon, in the newest, anti-traditional connection with the complement, modern theoretical/esthetical concept of temporality (from the old Greeks to Baumgarten and Kant) and the referent system of so-called post-industrial culture. Moreover, this transformation of both space-concept and urban culture provides, today, conditions for the changes of the temporality-concept, and the death of the subject as an empirical and transcendental fact. At the same time, this (space/temporality) transformation constructs the global culture paradigm and forms the basis of the technological and esthetical “revolution” in the world of theory and everyday life. This means that the new sensual medium of the communications, without the subject, through its electronic approach, changes the complete world of art and cultures, and the perceptions of memories.