Dejan Kosanović

Did Film Art Exist in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1918–1941)?


In his book published 27 years ago – An Introduction to the Study of History of Yugoslav Cinema (Belgrade, 1976) – the author, professor Kosanović, stressed that there were no significant artistic achievements among the films made by the few pioneers of film production in a country without an organized cinema. He is now reconsidering this old statement: after a quarter of a century of research, and a great amount of time spent watching and analyzing almost all the preserved Yugoslav films of that period, Kosanović revises his previous assessment. He finds that some of the early Yugoslav film pioneers had clear ideas about film expression and film as art, and were able to use film language in their films, both documentaries and features. In this article the author mentions 28 film directors and operators who, in the period between 1918 and 1941, made some noteworthy films, with elements of real film art.