Nikola Maričić

Creative and Pragmatic in Radio Formatting


 For the past ten years radio formats have been present both in theoretical speculation and occasionally in the exploitation of this mass media. World experience overcame all the dilemmas that could relate to this expression a long time ago, especially in the USA where it emerged. Only in our country the basic question remained unanswered: Is the radio format a consequence of the taste segmentation of the radio auditorium or of the market that the local radio represents?

Any generalization would lead to a wrong conclusion. Only a multidisciplinary analysis of the particular segments of radio, with legislative regulations, technical capabilities and economic interests on one side and creative concepts adjusted to the freedom and limitations of the media on the other side, can provide us with relevant answers. These answers are offered by specialized consulting agencies. Those answers are not the solutions for the aroused dilemmas but more of a pragmatic way out of dilemmas as well as objectification of the radio format.