UDC 792.028

Vladimir Jevtoviæ




This paper, in a form of a letter addressed to Jean Paul Sartre, pays respect to Sartre’s plays, other literary works, and to his philosophy, but challenges Sartre’s pronouncements on actors and their profession. Professor Jevtovic is uniquely qualified to enter into this kind of critical debate with Sartre since, prior to taking up professional study of acting, and becoming one of our leading acting professors, he obtained a degree in philosophy and wrote a degree thesis on Sartre’s plays as the medium of his philosophy. Fully knowledgeable of both Sartre’s life and Sartre’s oeuvre, professor Jevtovic uses the form of imaginary address to articulate his own lively defense of acting, in the mode established in his previous debates with Diderot and Craig, published in the earlier issues of this journal.