UDC 792.09


Theatre reports – the prologue, the epilogue and the one lost season


Two years have passed since the death of Jovan Hristi}, on June 20, 2002. When all the manifestations which usually accompany the passing of eminent men are over, the question of unpublished manuscripts almost inevitably arises. In the case of Jovan Hristi} the search for unpublished material would be a waste of time for one simple reason: he did not keep any manuscripts. What he wrote was intended for publication, after which the original manuscripts were destroyed. One exception is the text published in this issue. It is a collection of theatre reviews covering the stage events of the 1991–1992 season, which appeared on a regular bases in the periodical Literature. Due to various circumstances, these were not included in the book Theatre Reports 2. Nolit published this book in 1996, as the last in the series of four collections of theatre reviews covering the two decades Hristi} spent reporting on the theatre life in this region. The first book in the series begins with the text entitled “The small philosophy of theatre criticism”. At the end of the last book he expounds on “The small psychology of theatre criticism”. These represent both the prologue and the epilogue to his own theatrical meditations.