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Serbian journal of political theory



Editorial Translate!
   •  Redakcija časopisa Nova Srpska politička misao: Editorial Note Translate!Abstract   Text  )

Ethnic stereotypes Translate!
   •  Olivera Milosavljević: National Stereotypes in Historical Perspective Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Jovo Bakić: Stereotyps About Serbs in Public Oppinion of Some Western Nations Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Slobodan Naumović: "Balkan Butchers": Myths and False Concepts On The Disintegration of Yugoslavia Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Natalija Mićunović: The Balkans are in Vogue Translate!Abstract   Text  )

Researches Translate!
   •  Dragan Popadić, Miklos Biro: Autostereotypes and Heterostereotypes of Serbs in Serbia Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Milan Subotić: Alexander Solzenytsin's Political Ideas Translate!Abstract   Text  )

Essays Translate!
   •  Časlav D. Koprivica: Reading Hantington's Clash of Civilizations: Identity and Interest Translate!Abstract   Text  )

Translations Translate!
   •  Ronald Dvorkin: Justice and Laws Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Jacques Derrida: Deconstruction is not Only the Act of Resistance but of Fate too Translate!Abstract   Text  )

Heritage Translate!
   •  Vladimir Jovanović: Government Translate!Abstract   Text  )

Polemics Translate!
   •  Slobodan Antonić: Serbian "Golden Age" Betnjeen Old and Nenj Myth Translate!Abstract   Text  )

Reviews Translate!
   •  Sreten Vujović: Balkans Identitety: from Stereotype to Selfconsciousness Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Dragan Bisenić: Ruritania On Balkans Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Jelena Đurić: Who We Are and Where We Belong Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Mile Savić: Ambivalent Aftermaths of Modernity Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Dejan Vuk Stanković: Final Account of Socijalism Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Ivan Janković: On the Anatomy of Totalitarianism Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Jovica Trkulja: Traces on the Sendy Path of Times Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Aleksandar Dobrijević: ABC of Conservatism Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Tamara Dobler: Decency: From Social Ideal to Political Strategy Translate!Abstract   Text  )
   •  Dejan Vuk Stanković: Debate as A War Call Translate!Abstract   Text   Download  )

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