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FME Transactions

01/2002 (XXX)


Papers Translate!
   •  Uglješa Bugarić, Josif Vuković: Optimal Control of Motion of the System Based on Mathematical Pendulum with Constant Length Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Slobodan Tošić, Svetomir Simonović: Effects of Hard Stopping of the Ski Lift on Dynamical Strain of the Pulling Rope Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Slobodan Jaramaz, Dejan Micković: Military Applications of Explosive Propulsion Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Titoslav Živanović: Suggestions for Calculation and Construction of the Fan Mill Barriershoop Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Milivoj Klarin, Mirjana Misita, Vesna Spasojević-Brkić: Desing of Multi-Dimensional Model of Production Scheduling and Monitoring in Metal Industry Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Stevan Đorđević: Determination of the Acceleration of the Characteristic Mechanism by Introducing a Fictitious Bar Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  R. Drobnjak, A. Sedmak, V. Šijački-Žeravčić, A. Milosavljević: Numerical Simulation of Quenching Process. II Part: Residual Stresses Translate!Abstract   Download  )

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