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FME Transactions

01/2005 (XXXIII)


Papers Translate!
   •  Zoran Radaković: Magnetic Emission Technique in Assessing Dynamic Fracture Mechanics Parameters of Ductile Steel Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Gordana Jovičić, Miroslav Živković, Nebojša Jovičić: Numerical Modeling of Crack Growth Using the Level Set Fast Marching Method Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Ilare Bordeaşu, Mircea Popoviciu, Victor Bălăşoiu: Contributions of Correlations of the Cavitational Erosion Parameter 1/MDPR with the Functional Parameters of Laboratory Station Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Aleksandar Marinković: Structural Optimization of Journal Porous Metal Bearing Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Aleksandar Bengin: Three-Dimensional Rotor Flow Calculation Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Zoran Trifković, Božidar Stanić: Second Harmonic Generation in Nonlinear Transformation of Electromagnetic Waves in Suddenly Created Cold Magnetized Plasma. Transversal Propagation Translate!Abstract   Download  )
   •  Dragan Milanović, Radojica Dubonjić: Use of the Elasticity of Net Present Value in Risk Analysis of Engineering Investments Projects Translate!Abstract   Download  )

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